It is every business personnel’s’ wish to be in a position to manage everything that happens within his/her business premise. This ranges from stock management, employee management, leave management, HR management, customer management, supplier management, debtors and creditors management, loyalty card management among others.

Robisearch Limited Company solves all these mentioned challenges by providing ROBIPOS point of sale system that is easily customizable to meet a variety of businesses needs ranging from Supermarkets Point of sales (POS), Mini-Supermarkets Point of sales(POS), Bookshops Point of sales(POS), Cosmetics Point of sales(POS), Retail Stores Point of sales(POS), Wholesale Stores Point of sales(POS), Hardware Stores Point of sales(POS), Bars and restaurants Point of sales(POS), Wines and Spirits Point of sales(POS), Hotels Point of sales(POS), Gaming(Play Stations) Point of sales(POS),Boutiques Point of sales(POS).

ROBIPOS point of sales system helps business owners to track their daily sales and profit easily using their phones wherever they are. This POS has Realtime Lipa na MPESA. With ROBIPOS POS, SMS is automatically send to the computer whenever customer pays through any mobile payment method. Also the customer gets automatic thank you message upon payment.

The Point of Sale (POS) system has been integrated with many modules that manage day to day transactions in our client’s business. POS software system has many functionalities but not limited to the following: Inventory tracking, sales management, customer management, products management, receipting, human resource, accounting module and real-time Lipa na Mpesa module.

Get Kenyan based POS software that will greatly ease your operations in your business. To get the best point of sales system with the best price in town, call us on +254716413386 or 0754413386

The sales management system can be used in diverse businesses like wholesales, boutiques, electrical and electronics, minimarts, supermarkets, cosmetic shops, jeweler shops and any retail businesses.

Why choose ROBIPOS point of sales software.

  • Our point of sales software improves customer experience by serving them in a fast and convenient way. Quick customer checkout with our point of sales (POS) system with make you save many clients within the shortest time possible.
  • With our point of sales system, you will manage your stock easily. The POS will help you know the levels of your stock in the store helping you decide when to stock your business.
  • ROBIPOS point of sales helps improve the accuracy of items in your store. The POS is compatible with the barcode scanner that helps eliminate manual entry.
  • This point of sales system generates presentable reports/receipt which is issued to clients and suppliers.
  • Our point of sales software can be used not only for sales, the POS system has Human resource module which employer can use to manage his/her employees. Payroll module for managing payments to employees.
  • ROBIPOS POS software enables a business owner to sell goods on credit to registered customers.
  • ROBIPOS point of sales supports multiple users of the system with access roles assigned per user depending on his/her department in the business.
  • ROBIPOS point of sales provides a business owner with a budgeting plan for the business.
  • Our POS provides quick snapshots and charts on your store’s sales performance.
  • Our POS Attach a sale/transaction to a customer
  • Our POS has offline availability. The POS continues taking orders and printing receipts during a temporary lose of connection and then syncs it to the cloud when the connection is restored.
  • ROBIPOS Point of Sale System is compatible with any device. You can use the POS system on any device whether its iPad and android tablets or windows linux and mac OS desktops.
  • ROBISPOS POS enables businesses to connect Point of Sale hardware such as cash drawers, POS printers Credit card scanners Barcode scanners etc.

Advantages of our Point of Sales

Real time Lipa na Mpesa.

Our POS is intergrated with mpesa API thus making it possible to make and verify Mpesa payments


ROBIPOS POS system is Fast and Convenient customer checkout.

Stock Management

In the stocklist module,one can identify your near expiring stock before it expires

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