Transforming the visitor experience

A digital visitor book keeps track of the people that come and go from your workplaces. 

Simple & the best digital visitors book

Let's see it in action

Let’s face it, a paper sign in books isn’t a good first impression.

Instead present a sleek iPad or Android tablet at reception, that gives your business a modern, professional look.

Going digital: the future of digital visitors book.

Many companies have migrated to a digital visor logbook and have streamlined their sign in and record-keeping processes. Powered by Robisearch Ltd, the digital visitors’ book offers a wide variety of benefits.

Quick and easy check-in

A digital visitor book system provides convenience while ensuring safety. It saves you time and hassle that comes with a manual registration process.

Cloud-based solution

When it comes to data security, paper logbooks aren’t able to guard the confidential information of your visitors the way a digital cloud-based visitors book can.

Enhanced security and safety

Unlike a paper-based record keeping, a digital visitor book automatically captures all sensitive information of a visitor during the registration process.

Running out of pages for your visitors book?

Compare that to an online visitor log book where you don’t need to replenish the log book each time it runs out. Being entirely online gives you unlimited log book sign ins digitally.

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