About Digital Suggestion Box

Robisearch’s Digital Suggestion Box is an online digital platform that enables anonymous with those in charge on issues like creating Awareness, Reporting, Emergency, Recommendations, e.t.c.

The inability of students/employees not being able to communicate directly with their employers /principles has let to them drastic measures such as holding strikes ,which has cost us a lot of money as a country. This innovation is applicable in many businesses such as hospitals, schools/collages/universities, office setup, business institutions.

This is why you should kill your manual suggestion box

In the age of instant online reviews, anonymous digital feedback, and automated employee suggestion programs, the physical suggestion box simply can’t keep up.

Manual Suggestion Box


Customer Feedback System kenya

Digital Suggestion Box


Learning Institutions

Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Collages, Univeristies, e.t.c.

Hotels & Restaurants

Hotels, Restaurants, Cafeterias, Clubs, Leisure Parks e.t.c

Office Setup

Any type of a business/office setup


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, the system generates the reports cumulative or per the categories available..

The system has an automated  SMS Service integrated to it that sends an SMS immediately a suggestion/an emergency is posted.  

During the implementation, Our technicians will train all the relevant individuals on everything they may need to know.

At Robisearch, we have a team of technicians who can help you incase of challenges you may  face.