Bulksms ChapChap is a bulk sms software which can be used to send sms/reminders to customers.Bulksms ChapChap is the most feasible and essential strategy to target a mass audience as a marketing and communication tool. Whether launching a new product or would like a nationwide announcement, or whether you want to remind people of a certain meeting or deal, our Bulksms ChapChap manages all the requirements from start to finish.  The Bulk sms software system can be used by anybody to manage their dairies since you can store all your appointments and activities then system will send you sms whenever that time reaches.

Our Bulksms ChapChap comes with advantages such as;

  • Instant delivery of messages
  • Flexible platform that can send over 10,000 sms once
  • The systems comes with a reminder to notify one of any pending deals
  • Sms can be stored, easily forwarded or tracked using delivery reports
  • Lower cost and time to be delivered than a phone call.
  • It is more reliable than emailing as the chances of the recipient reading the message is very high
  • Limitless market potential

Our clients include;Bulk sms: JKUAT, Elimu TV, Uwezo Fund, Moi forces Academy

Biometric: JKUAT, Orero Boys, Kayole High school

Point of sale: Luna Park, Victoria Falls, Garrison Teachers College, Ndumia Group

Here are some of the ways  bulk sms is used in growing a business.

  1. Targeted SMS marketing.
  2. Run SMS marketing campaigns.
  3. Product Launch SMS.
  4. Send Promotional SMS.
  5. Send SMS Reminders to your clients.
  6. Send announcement SMS.


Register for a free personal bulk sms chapchap account and be a ble to send bulk sms instanlty