Biometric Time Attendance System

Biometric Time attendance has been proven beyond doubt to be the best time attendance monitor without bias.

 It has many benefits but not limited to the following:

  1. It captures unique biological traits. Biometric time clocks use technology to detect a person based on their individual make up.
  2. Trust the accuracy of which employee is on the clock. Biometric Physiological attributes cannot be duplicated or forged. Supervisors and managers feel confident that they are tracking employee’s time and attendance accurately.
  3. Prevent buddy punching practices.
  4. It eliminates time theft. Companies also lose tremendous amounts of work hours each year because employees waste 20 minutes per day.
  5. It monitors remote workers. This innovative technology can integrate with mobile devices or the internet. The use of biometrics enables employers to monitor employees working in remote places.

Where can i use it?

  • Schools to manage student  attendance
  • Manage employee attendance

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