Robisearch Ltd is an ICT youth based company that begun in 2011 as a result of innovations that transform lives globally. We are innovator behind Biometric lands system and digital birth card system that could help fight terrorisms. We are a member of the Nairobi Chambers (KNCCI) organization and AGPO. We offer attachment /internships opportunity to 60students on annual basis as a way of creating job opportunity to youths in Kenya. We have great experience in dealing with customers having handled over 500 customers’ country wide. Some of our services are:

  • Biometric system for schools and business
  • Bulk Sms services(Bulksms ChapChap)
  • Best ERP/Point of Sale/ Inventory Control Software
  • Property Management software that conforms to the Big 4 government agenda.

Our Vision

Transforming the world through innovation

Our Mission

To be the best ICT company offering innovate services globally.

Core Values

Innovation, Integrity, hardwork, commitment, honesty, equality, justice, fairness, love.

Our Innovations

Robisearch innovations include:

  • Digital Secretary System
  • Digital Birth Card System
  • Itrace and Nikague Security systems

We are the innovators of digital secretary system that was presided over by His Excellency Deputy President (Hon. William Ruto) in late 2014 at Jomo Kenyatta University (JKUAT). The innovation allows any person to sign a document digitally by use of fingerprint, Smart card and Barcode. This would help reduce time wastage and corruption.

ROBISEARCH Ltd finally became the innovator of Digital Birth Card System that could end terrorism. This innovation as well has been in newspapers and in media Read more.
We have further partnered up with JKUAT and SimbaNET and developed iTrace (Local tracing application) and Nikague (Security application) hosted by SimbaNET. The partnership will see SimbaNET harmonize Kenya’s IT activity with ROBISEARCH and JKUAT’s business direction to the mutual benefit of three institutions.

ROBISEARCH Ltd continuously provides solutions to the small scale enterprises, financial institutions and government institutions for advancement in the technology sector. ROBISEARCH Ltd has fully shown that the number of years of existence is just a number and does not dictate a company’s productive state, it has further proven that the success of a company is only limited to its determination and enthusiasm in delivering consumer worthy products.

Support and maintenance warrant

We have a well-organized support and maintenance structure that we will sign with you as a Service Level Agreement that guarantees you;

  • Telephone support : 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday – Friday
    Calls received out of office hours are forwarded to a mobile phone and best efforts are be made to respond.
  • Email support: Monitored 24 hrs Monday – Friday
    Emails received outside of office hours are collected, however no action can be guaranteed until the next working day.